Yay! Your order was successfully processed! I’ll have your Burnt Kettle Shagbark Hickory Syrup in the mail within a few days.

Recipe Ideas

We used an injector and the syrup on our smoked Thanksgiving turkey this year and the results were phenomenal!! I’ll bet it would work well on hams, too.

The other way I’ve tried it lately is drizzled over plain cheesecake. OMG. Good.

Did the same over my home-made bread pudding and had a hard time eating anything else until it was gone.

And of course, it’s good on pancakes and waffles, too.

Let me know what kinds of ways you decide to use it once you get it!


We try to keep stock on hand and ready to ship. However, sometimes we get a flush of orders that depletes the shelves.

If for some reason we are out of stock when this order went through, I’ll let you know and give you the option of cancelling or waiting until the next batch is good to go. You’ll also get an estimate of when we think that might be.